Short Updates on CEA Chess Programs Friday, Oct 16 2009 

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I have been able to write an update on any of our current projects or plans.


Bontang, East Kalimantan (Borneo) Indonesia

1) Currently I am in the midst of setting up the Chess club here at SMA YPK, a highschool in East Kalimantan, or Borneo.  There is a lot of excitement and my students (I’m also working as an English teacher here) have asked me when it will start.  Yesterday I had several students over my house to play chess.  I also taught a few the basics of XiangQi, or Chinese chess.  I plan to add XiangQi to the formal chess club later.

Kakemer, Western Kenya

2) The Kakemer Resource Center has officially opened.  Along with the largest library in Kakemer and a very successful computer training program (the first of its kind in the area), the CEA chess program that was started at the KR Center for primary and secondary students in the surrounding villages has been more than successful.  Many students are coming almost every day after their classes in the neighboring secondary school and are bringing their friends as well.  New boards for the resource center should be arriving with the help of the Global Literacy Project within the next few months, allowing more and more students to play.  There are picture of students from the KR Center playing below.

Malaba, Western Kenya

3) Students at the Isegeretoto Primary School in Malaba, Kenya are keeping the excitement of their first tournament alive.  From reports of Collette Young who works with the school, the chess club is as active as it was before CEA volunteers left it to be run by the school itself.  Beautiful new plaques have now replaced the temporary tournament trophies that are in pictures in previous posts on this blog.  Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures soon.


Thank you,

Paul Chiariello


Arrival in Bontang, Borneo and Other Chess Sites Thursday, Oct 1 2009 

This past Saturday two other Chess for Education Abroad volunteers and myself set off for their sites throughout Indonesia.  We will be starting several chess clubs in east Kalimantan (Borneo), South Kalimantan, and West Java.  I will be working in Bontang, East Kalimantan setting up several Western Chess clubs as well as the CEA’s first pilot XiangQi, or Chinese Chess, clubs.

More updates will follow about our progress in the coming weeks.  And, hopefully, the other CEA volunteers will be able to post updates on their own progress as well.


Thank you and Terimah Kasih

Paul Chiariello

Arrival to Indonesia Friday, Sep 4 2009 

Hello all,

I just arrived in Indonesia less than a week ago.  Spent some time in Jakarta for Fulbright orientation and will be taking three weeks of relatively intense language courses in Bahasa Indonesian.  After that i’ll be heading straight for Bontang to the site where I will be teaching English and setting up several CEA programs.

I’m going to be spending 9 months in Bontang inside Kutai National Park in Borneo, Indonesia.  I hope to set up several western chess programs as well as the CEA’s first Xiangqi (chinese or elephant chess) and Go clubs.  Hopefully these programs will be as great of successes as we had in Kenya and Northern Uganda.

I probably won’t be writing too much over the next few weeks but hope to write as often as i can while in borneo working with the chess clubs.

Thank you,

Paul Chiariello