Chess for Education Abroad is a Non-profit Corporation that works to partner chess clubs and other organizations in the US with chess programs that it founds in developing economies.

Currently we have programs in Uganda and Kenya and are planning several programs throughout Indonesia.

Our philosophy and vision:

Chess for Education Abroad, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded on the idea that education is central human right and a necessary avenue for individual self expression and growth for communities.  Our goal is to expand quality education by providing chess programs to schools in rural and developing communities abroad.

In much of the developing world rote learning is an ingrained, and often unavoidable, disease.  The purpose of The CEA is to provide a resource that will help build passionate learners and able explorers: Chess.  In many of the schools where we work there are often no extracurricular activities, much less ones which explore the world intellectually and develop a student’s ‘thinking skills.’  Chess allows students to think independently, holistically and creatively; analytical challenge themselves and others; focus all of their attention to accomplish tasks and question and plan the results of their actions – while having fun!