Below is an email I received that I was told I could share from the director of the Kakemer Resource Center in Kakemer, Western Kenya. For more picture an information of the KRC chess program you can read below.

All the secondary school kids love coming and playing, we are now going to start a play off between the club members so we can build a first and second team to compete against schools in the area. Thanks for your encouragement ā€“ enjoy the photos!

Diana, Supervisor at the Resource Centre, ensuring all players are enjoying the competition and keeping the score.

the two finalists in the playoffs


First, second and third place (L to R) Collins, Edwin and Hellon. A young girl took 4th position (not photographed).

The winner of the tournament, Collins, is not from Kakemer, he came from Nairobi as he could not find work, and lives about 30 minutes from Kakemer but likes to come and play. He is by far the strongest player as he has been playing for 6 years. Whilst Erwin is a teacher at the Kakemer secondary school and Hellon is one of the teachers at the Resource Centre, and they came second and third respectively ā€“ but the students did not mind getting beaten by them ā€“ in fact it encouraged them to improve.