It has been more than a month since I have been able to write an update, sorry…

The Chess club in SMA YPK in Bontang is going slowly, but is hopeful. In the week after my last email 50 students signed up for the chess club. Unfortunately as we started the first week of the club there was a lack of communication about times and i had to again announce the club in each of my classes. Only 2-6 students on average came. Compounding on this, after another week exams started and the semester ended. Classes, and with them the chess club, will not start again until Jan 4th.

In order to organize everything better I plan on making a chess club Facebook page to send emails, reminders, updates, etc to everyone who signed up. With better communication and the next exams no where to be seen there should be more kids coming than I can handle.

Also, while my school is having their vacation another high school in Bontang, SMA 2, isn’t. With two of the teachers I know there, Emma Sutton, another Fulbright English Teacher who was assigned to my town (or I to hers), and Edi Ruswanto, I will be starting up another chess club.

We will have our first chess club meeting there this coming Monday the 14th.

Thanks for reading,
Paul Chiariello