Starting up the chess club at SMA YPK in Bontang, Indonesia has been slow. I’m working here as an English teacher and also facilitating the English Club as well.

The pictures below of some of my students playing Western chess and XiangQi are from my house, just some students coming over to play.

After the 3 days of signup for the Chess (or ‘Catur’ in Indonesian) Club only 2 people came. After this depressing result I decided to postpone the club officially and announce it in my classes.

Since then I’ve announced it in almost all of my classes and in a few of the classes in the other two grades as well (high school in my school only has three years, 10th – 12th). 20 more people have signed up already. At this rate I’ll hopefully have a lot more students than I can handle.

Wish me luck,
Paul Chiariello