Currently I am in Bandung in Java learning Bahasa before I go out to Kalimantan (Borneo).

I was not planning on starting to work on CEA stuff before I got to my site, but while i was driving down the street earlier this week I saw a sign for “Chess for Life.”  More than intrigued, I copied down the number and later met with some of the tutors there find out about their program and tell them about Chess for Education abroad.

After meeting with two of the teachers there, Jimmy and Marulitua, and losing a game of chess was told that C4L is a for-proft chess club and gives private lessons to kids in the area.  There goal is to teach life skils through the game of chess.  They just recently opened this past year and are already doing so well they hope to expand to other cities in Java.

There are a lot of possibilitiesof partnering for both sides.  The CEA may be able to provide small scholarships and introduce othe chess variants while C4L would be able to provide tutors and help manage CEA programs.

The future is a fruitful place and i’ll be back at the C4L office next week to see what it holds.

Thank you,

Paul Chiariello